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Humanitarian Day 2011 Announcement

This Saturday!!! May 7th, 2:30pm – Volunteer Meeting at Masjid Al Islam: 2604 S. Harwood St., Dallas, TX 75215.

DFW Masjid Outreach Coordinators, If you have any clothing to bring this weekend, please do so we can start sorting the clothes.

!!If your able to stay, we will need help with clothes sorting and packing hygeine packs after the meeting!!

Meeting will also discuss updates on:

-Clothing drives
-Website, Facebook promotion
-Basketball Tournament
-Volunteer drive
-Site and Event Day coordination update
-Security and Transportation update
-Health Fair

Humanitarian Day is almost here!!!. This years event will be May 21st at the MLK center. Please signup on the volunteer list at the Masjid on the front display table, or join the yahoo group; islamicCharityDay….. Email if you have any questions.

Email for any questions:

Masjid Al Islam
2604 S. Harwood St.
Dallas, TX 75215
Tel. (214) 421-3839