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The Dallas Beacon – November 2010

Masjid Al Islam’s Monthly Communication Wire November 2010

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By: Yusuf Abdullah

“And satan will make their wrongdoings fair seeming to them.” We are all familiar with these words that emanate from the Quran. To say it another way could be, “And satan will cause them to justify their wrongdoings so that it appears to them as if their wrong actions are right actions.” Certainly, there can be legitimate disputes between parties. A famous saying is that, “reasonable minds do differ” meaning that each party holds reasonable points of view and each party sincerely thinks that he or she is in the right. Then of course you have those people who with knowledge of their wrongdoing plot and plan it out and execute with intent their wrongful actions but proclaim themselves as being in the right, if not an actual angel. They lie to themselves. In fact, they lie so much to themselves that they begin to believe their own lies and self deception! Who among us like to be pointed out as being in the wrong? It takes a certain sense of humility to accept and admit of one’s self as being mistaken or as being wrong. People that are puffed up with pride and consumed by anger have great difficulty being corrected or being judged as being in the wrong. The Quran says, “and he gave them a criterion to determine right and wrong, justly balanced”. No matter your position in humanity, be it pauper or king, hand maid or queen, if you are without the ability to determine right from wrong and/or you will not accept that you could be in the wrong under any circumstances, you are an unjust person, deaf, dumb, and blind like an animal. One of the greatest civil duties that we have to each other as members of the human family is to be just to one another. Men have their rights. Women have their rights. Parents have their rights. Children have their rights. Animals have their rights. Even the environment is entitled to rights! Advanced societies that are highly cultured teach and practice the administration of justice in its institutions, work place, places of worship, and the home. In fact, the advancement of any society is premised upon its administration of justice. With this in mind, we begin next time our discussion of some of the social and legal issues presented to us in these modern times and the right and wrong of it. See you next time. Until then, Peace.

By: Imam Khalid Shaheed

The mission of Islam has never been about making anyone the perennial power on earth. Rather it has been about bringing the greatest degree of enlightenment to this world we live in. The Book of God states in 14:1 “A Book which We have revealed unto you, in order that you might lead mankind out of the depths of darkness and into the light – by the leave of their Lord – to the Way of (Him) the Exalted in power, worthy of all praise.” Embedded in this verse we find the main mission of Al Islam, which is enlightenment. The message of the Quran is Al Islam and we will attempt, God willing, to examine the track record of this claim. First, let’s start with Allah’s last Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, (Prayers and Peace be Upon him) SAWS. He was the Universal bringer of the message of Al Islam to all of mankind. The Quran says of him in the chapter entitled “The Pen” in verses 1 and 4 “By the Pen and the (Record) which (men) write,” and “And thou (stands) on an exalted standard of character.” Allah revealed these statements about Prophet Muhammed, SAWS, over 1400 yrs ago and they allude to historical records about how the Prophet, SAWS, would be seen in future times. Referenced here is a time after his humble origins and after the turmoil experienced by him during the early days of his Prophethood. If we ask the question, ‘is there any historical evidence of this transpiring’? The answer is yes. In the book “The 100” a ranking of the most influential persons in History, Michael H. Hart, a Christian, ranks the Prophet, SAWS, as the most influential person in all of human history. He says “he (the Prophet, SAWS) was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both religious and secular levels.” Also, the Encyclopedia Britannica says “Muhammad is the most successful of all Prophets and religious personalities.” Another example is from the book, “A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe” Vol. 1, pp 329-330 says “Four years after the death of Justinian, A.D. 569, was born at Mecca in Arabia the man who, of all men exercised the greatest influence upon the human race….Mohammed…..” These are just a few of the many accolades lavished by non-Muslims on Prophet Muhammad, SAWS. God willing, we will continue this next month by exploring civilization and how it has been engendered by Islam in human history.

By: Leigh Kadane

Characteristics of a Great Women, Part 1
Which category of women in today’s world are considered great? No doubt, the idea in your mind is different then what Allah (To Whom All praise and glory are due) SWT would consider a great women. As Muslims we are told and given examples of how to become great women. The Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said in an authentic Hadeeth: “The best women from the people of Jannah (paradise) are Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Fatima daughter of Muhammad, Aasiya bint Muzaahim – the Wife of Pharoah and Mary the daughter of Imran, may Allah be pleased with them all.” So, what was it that made them so great? Which characteristics did these women hold that made Allah SWT and His Messengers pick them above others to be considered great?

1.) They accepted the Truths of Allah SWT immediately.
Every day as Muslims we are asking Allah SWT for guidance. What, then, is the point of asking for guidance if one does not follow it when given? By not accepting the guidance of Allah SWT, we are also showing ungratefulness and a lack of trust.

2.) They maintained a strong relationship with Allah SWT
The knowledge of Allah and his attributes allowed for these women to be close to Allah. This ties into the first point because to receive guidance from Allah SWT, one must maintain a healthy relationship with Allah SWT. By remembering Allah SWT in times of ease through Salah (prayer), knowing Allah’s attributes, and Dhiker (remembrance) towards Allah, we will be able to remember Allah SWT in the more difficult times. And when a Muslim remembers Allah SWT, Allah SWT will remember the Muslim in a most merciful and giving way.

So, in this first part we have emphasized the importance of accepting the truths and guidance of Allah SWT without trying to convince ourselves of a lesser alternative. We have also emphasized how a strong relationship is needed between the Muslim and Allah SWT through consistent and daily Ibadah (worship). The greatest form of Ibadah being Salah. The last note is that neither of these characteristics are exclusive. You cannot have one and not the other. These characteristics must work in a harmonious manner to begin to mold the great woman.

Halal 101

By: Tonne Khabir

Everyday it baffles my mind on the lack of knowledge we Muslims have in the United States in regards to food items that are not halal. So, when Brother Maddox called and asked me for an article on halal eating or recipes…I was elate! In my pre-shahada days I had the pleasure of growing up in a household that was kosher. We ate Orthodox Kosher foods from the hospital where my mother worked. Our family celebrated the traditional American Holidays like all other Baptist families, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter….however I noticed we would never mix meat with dairy, or eat pork. I think this began my fascination with foods from other cultures! Fast forward to post Shahada roughly 1993, I begin to notice Muslim friends that were completely ignorant of the pork and the “creative” names associated with pork, not to mention alcohol. I sometimes became fearful of accepting dinner invitations from Muslims because of the lack of knowledge regarding true halal food consumption. With local Masjids selling Cheetos and Doritos (fried in lard), local Halal grocers selling Kraft singles (pork rennet cheese), and my all time favorite, Muslims drinking flavored lattes on a daily basis sweetened with syrups that contain alcohol… that ain’t halal brothers and sisters! Unfortunately, we live in capitalistic society that is driven by the sell of pork bellies and futures, the more pork bellies sold/traded the more money is made. In the coming months I will begin the basic education of eating Halal. I look forward to this challenge every month (inshallah). In the meantime, please check out my blog on a daily basis… share recipes, events, ideas, even ask questions. You can also friend me on facebook…chef tonne! Inshallah we will meet, eat and discuss soon…..chowbaby!

Spiritual Light

Religion and Forgiveness” (Part 1)
Ismael Bukhari
Founder Ta’aleem Institute Educational Foundation

‘I seek refuge with the Lord from suggestions of the evil forces’
“If God helps you, then there is none that can overcome you, and if God forsakes you, then who is there that can help you except God? And in God the believers put their trust.” (Al Qur’an Ch.3:160) Who forgives sins but the God? It is possible with our religious attention towards God alone that when we practice forgiveness, we can be forgiven.

The righteous ones taught that God our maker, the Creator, the One who makes people consciously responsible towards the supreme commandment, willingly and unwillingly, the promise. The promise is to those who keep religion strictly to God as it ought to be kept and not to deviate from the covenant of complete obedience to God. These are the ones who shall be forgiven. In return they will achieves self control to act right after repentance and return to a decent life and be protected in their environment from the society, parents and children, leaders and followers, or wherever they may be on earth.

Beacon of Light Project

Masjid Al Islam is embarking on an important project for the south Dallas area. The neighborhood around Masjid Al Islam is in dire need of community development. The Beacon of Light Community Center project is a major step in addressing this issue. Also, because of the growing numbers of recipients every year at the Day of Dignity and Humanitarian Day events, The Beacon of Light Center will be critical in providing a larger platform to host these events. In additions to the Day of Dignity and Humanitarian Day, the Beacon of Light Center will house other services such as; Food Pantry, Social Services, Job Training, Substance Abuse Counseling, Youth Activities and Medical Screenings. Make a pledge by filling a pledge card or going to to support this project.

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The Day of Arafat is expected to be around November 15, 2010.

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