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The Dallas Beacon – July 2013

Masjid Al Islam’s Monthly Newswire July 2013

“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may learn self-restraint.” Surah 11, Ayah 183

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A Must Hear Lecture:

The devastation of “Addiction in our Communities” and what must be done to

End the revolving plague of dysfunctional family, mental disorder, substance abuse and ultimately, prison.


Jamal A. Hasan, MA, MA, LCDC, ICAADC,

Foremost in his field in academic accomplishments, Licenses and Certifications National and International

Related experiences: survived ghetto life!

A Behavioral expert in the true sense of the word

Saturday August 17, 5:00 PM

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2nd Annual

Imam W. Deen Muhammed

Appreciation Weekend

Dallas/Ft. Worth Muslim Community extends a cordial invitation to the 2nd annual Imam W. Deen Mohammed Appreciation Weekend, Fri., Sept. 20 – Sun., Sept. 22. Weekend events include joint Jummah Services, Culture Night, Leadership Awards Banquet, Playground activities for the Youth and Unity Ta’leem. All activities will be at Masjid Al-Quran and Cedar Crest Golf Course and Banquet Facility.

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-Yusuf Abdullah

In my short life span, I remember a time that was radically different in social norms and laws than those of today. For example, for a period of time, I grew up during times of segregation where Blacks and Whites did not go to the same schools, churches, or live in the same neighborhood. Even at death, in my town, Blacks and Whites could not be buried near each other. Most couples were married, and divorce was a rare situation and widely frowned upon. A marriage could only be between a man and a woman and having a child outside of wedlock was something for a family to be ashamed of admitting. Certainly, the mere thought of a Black man being President of the United States or of a woman running a Fortune 500 company would be cause for laughter. My how times have changed. The voice, strength, and power of the female, minority, and the LGBT community has and is having a huge impact on how US society is being shaped and formed. In this society where the majority vote mostly rules and where the US constitution provides equal protection under its laws, these three groups in recent times individually and collectively have dramatically changed the political and societal landscape in the US. This dramatic change comes about due to civil rights legislation and more recently due to demographics. America is becoming a majority minority nation. Latinos are the fastest growing minority group. Women represent about 50% of the voting population in the US and about 51% of the general population. The LGBT community is estimated to represent 5-10 % of the general population in the US. The Latino population is estimated to represent 17 % of the US general population. African-Americans represent about 13% of the US population. With these numbers one can calculate that these groups collectively control the voting ballot if they vote. Commercially, these minority groups are the largest target group for marketed products and services. Women own about 28 % of all businesses in the US, Latinos own about 7 % of all businesses, and Blacks own about 8 % of all businesses in the US. While numbers are difficult to find measuring the LGBT business ownership, Asian business ownership comprise over 1.5 million businesses in the US and collectively account for over 500 billion dollars in US revenue. These numbers reflect the awesome power of minority business ownership and the generation of jobs and revenue that are critical to the growth and development of the US economy. These minority groups can no longer be ignored in the political and economic process. When these minority groups vote and collectively organize and express their unified opinions, the smart politicians and business people listen and take notice. Those who fail to do so in the political and economic arena will feel the consequences. Times have and are changing in the US. Some will argue that the change is not for the better. I guess that depends on what side of the street one is standing on. And that’s the right and wrong of it.

– Khalid Shaheed

As salaamu alaikum,

One of the uniqueness of Islam socially is predicated on its ability to condition all people regardless of background, social strata, country, ethnicity or nationality. Why is this significant? It is significant because many social/political and religious systems offer lofty opportunities to its adherents. But sadly for many, they do not deliver. Keep in mind Allah never intended for all to achieve the same things and that is not the essence of my argument. My contention is that conditioning correlates to accessing opportunities. Let’s look at Democracy. Democracy offers equal opportunities and that makes Democratic systems great. However, Democracy cannot and does not provide equal conditionings to all its adherents. It does not have the intrinsic means to provide equal conditioning for all segments of society. What we have in most geo/political/social/religious systems are systematic covert and in some cases historically overt broad faulty conditioning and a quite different type conditioning for some. So again Allah willed individual proclivities. This contention addresses the collective conditioning or lack of within an individual social construct. What good is a pot of gold at the end of the road if your legs are cut off and your eyes are socked out.

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear about the goals of Islam. Islam has never offered or promised anyone great material wealth, great scientific accolades, great military power nor political dominance and this not to make light of any honorable worldly achievement, per Allah in Sura Ibrahim verses 1-2. He revealed his books for the goal/purpose of taking people from darkness to light. Therein lies the goal Islam offers to its adherents. Please don’t confuse Nur with the list of things in the second sentence of this paragraph. They are not necessarily the same. Now, with the goal of Islam clear, what is the conditioning. The conditioning is the 5 pillars and the 6 articles of faith. This conditioning is MANDATORY for all adherents of this Deen regardless of social strata, ethnic or any other background nuance. If these pillars and articles are not compromised the goal is the same for all adherents across the planet.
Proofs of the correlation between Islamic conditioning and access to opportunities can be perused historically from Africa to Europe (Islamic Spain) to Asia, the Middle East, Sub continent, the Turk Islamic zone, Malay zone, etc. In particular, great Islamic Societies were established in Africa thousands of years ago that engendered the local genius of the people with many scholars and great schools of Hikmah. Please don’t confuse hihmah with science. One has a moral base and the other does not, per Charles Eaton.

In conclusion opportunities have to be evaluated with conditioning. Therein lies mis-education and EDUCATION. Peruse ethnic divinity images.


Khalid Shaheed


The Lynching of Christopher Dorner: How America Misses a Golden Opportunity
by Amir Makin

As I watched the live news feed of ‘Dorners’ Last Stand’ I felt sick to my stomach as I knew there was no way he would be brought out alive. In a nation that says every American is entitled to due process in the criminal justice system, this was not afforded to Christopher Dorner. If he committed the heinous crimes of murdering innocent people, he should have been allowed to stand trial for the ‘process’ to begin.

The LAPD instead chose to set a planned fire designed to burn Dorner alive. They later denied doing so. After the body was charred, the police said they recovered a license identifying Dorner. How can a fire that burns everything in sight not burn a plastic license?

When asked about Dorners’ manifesto, the LAPD dismissed it as ramblings. However since they gave police targets of Dorner personal protection at taxpayer expense, shot and wounded multiple minorities who they said resembled Dorner. After shooting these Americans the police offered to purchase a new automobile and an apology. Instead those officers should have been charged with reckless endangerment, attempted homicide, and 2nd degree attempted murder. The police were supposed to change their tactics to protect the public, not the public change its standard of justice and allowing the police to behave as they please. All of these actions prove they took his manifesto seriously.

This means they and their superiors at the state and federal level should take Dorners’ allegations of systematic racism within the LAPD just as seriously, and proceed with an independent investigation of that racism.

The community at large, the city council that pressures the mayor of Los Angeles, the lawmakers that pressure the self pronounced liberal Governor Jerry Brown, the first African American female Attorney General of California who has the power to produce that investigation on a state level have become complicit in the lynching of Dorner because they have not uttered a single word denouncing his being prevented the opportunity for the justice system to work in his case.

They feel their silence is warranted just because it seems Dorner took innocent lives. How is it that Dorner could not be taken alive, when Jared Loughner (the Tucson shooter) or James Holmes (Aurora theater shooter) be taken alive as both had guns blazing when they were captured by the police?

Through this unjustified silence all of those complicit have aided in one of the most public modern era lynchings since the Rodney King era. From this will produce another missed opportunity for America to yet confront its history of systemic white supremacy and institutional racism. As Attorney General Eric Holder once said, when it comes to racism this is “essentially a nation of cowards.”

Amir Makin is an activist, analyst and author of A Worthy Muslim. He regularly writes on many things from politics to race relations. More of his writings can be found at

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Day of Dignity 2014

Day of Dignity 2014

Giving Back To Humanity……


Saturday, Sept 20, 2014



MLK Jr. Community Center

2922 MLK Jr. Blvd.,

Dallas, TX 75215

***For information and ways to help, email***

***To volunteer email or *** (Let us know which of these areas you want to assist with)

Volunteers are needed to assist with:

Donations (monetary and non-monetary)
Distribute fliers (2 weeks before event)
Setting Up (7 am) and/or Breaking Down (1:30-2:00 pm)
Food Preparation
Clothing for men, women, and children
School supplies
Children’s books and toys
Hygiene kits
H.I.V. screening
Consultation for social services (Affordable Housing, Food Stamps, Medicaid)
…..and much more!