Foundation to a Good Marriage

Manhood & Womanhood in Islam:

A Foundation to a Good Marriage



Divorce is on the rise in the American Muslim community.


Former Imam Ziya Kavakci of the Islamic Association of North Texas and member of the Fiqh Council of North America believes divorce is a “rampant problem” in the Muslim community and that “the Ummah is a mess when it comes to marriage.”



Come and discuss “Manhood and Womanhood” according to Quran and the Prophet (saw). Learn how to have a successful marriage in Islam with this knowledge!!


Program includes:

  • Video on “Manhood and Womanhood in Islam”
  • Muslim Marriage Expert
  • Other Panel members
  • Question and Answer/ Discussion Session
  • Light refreshments provided





Masjid Al Islam

2604 S Harwood St.

Dallas, TX 75215




February 3, 2017

2:00pm – Maghrib










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