Women’s History Month

With the Name of ALLAH, The Redeemer, The Benefactor
Masjid Al-Islam Dallas, TX Presents…


“Early Pious Muslim Women Nobles during the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”

When: 2 pm Sunday March 25, 2018
Where: Beacon of Light Community Center (behind Masjid Al-Islam)
2604 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75215

Guest Speaker: Sister Fuseina Muhammad, Hafiz of Quran

Ustadha Fuseina Mohamad was born in Seattle to Ghanaian parents. She was raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and returned to the United States to complete higher education. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa and a Master’s in Information Systems from Illinois State University. She has always had a deep interest in understanding the Qur’an and took the opportunity to enroll in Bayyinah Institute’s Dream Program. She graduated among the top students of Dream 2012. After graduating from the Dream program Sister Fuseina took on the responsibility of heading Bayyinah Institute’s first Access Program, teaching Quranic Arabic for sisters in the DFW area. She also started Bayyinah Institute’s first continuing education program for graduates of the Dream and Access programs. Sister Fuseina also started Bayyinah Institute’s first 10-Day Fundamentals of Classical Arabic courses for sisters only and has taught the course several times around the country. Sister Fuseina is a graduate of the Qalam Seminary Islamic studies program.

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