Masjid Shuraa Board


Chair – Presides for all official meetings and matters, but also provides oversight to the Board and its committees by ensuring the Bylaws are properly followed. Represents the MAI Corporation in business matters where applicable. Develops systems, policies, and tools to serve the community and the Corporation. The current Chair is Amir Makin Hamzah and can be reached at: Chair at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Secretary – Keeps the official records of actions, resolutions on all matters of the Board, and its reporting committees. Maintains all business documents, membership records, provides notices of all meetings, and community notifications. Maintains the official seal of the MAI Corporation and affixes where necessary. Signs, and delivers official communications of the Board. The current Secretary is Ameenah Sabour and can be reached at: Secretary at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Treasurer – Serves as the chief financial officer, and maintains the official books of all financial accounting of the Board and its reporting committees. Disburses all monies and valuables where applicable in expenditures and business matters decided by the Board. Prepares the annual budget and tracks its usage in all matters. The current Treasurer is Ishmael Fahmi and can be reached at: Board.Treasurer at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Administrator – MAI Shuraa Board resolved on May 7, 2017, the position of the Administrator applies only to the maintenance of all buildings and properties belonging to the MAI Corporation. This includes issues pertaining to the interior/exterior physical structure, landscaping, electrical, custodial, sewage, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and utilities. Currently, the Administrator is Stanley Lewis. He can be reached at Administrator at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Member at Large 1 – Assists the treasurer in tracking financial expenses and due dates. Records accounts receivable and payable. The current person is Khadijeh Abdullah and can be reached at: Member1 at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Member at Large 2 –  Assists with masjid operations in programming AdHoc committees and activities. The current person is Ismail Ali and can be reached at: Member2 at MasjidAlIslam dot Org

Member at Large 3 – Assists the Administrator in scheduling facility usage, preparation, and cleanup. Tracks any issues relevant to such. The current person is Abdullah Hasan and can be reached at: Member3 at MasjidAlIslam dot Org